Windy Places and the Louvretec Product Line

New Zealand is known for its windy climate, and its capital Wellington stands out as the world’s windiest city. The extensive coastline and many rivers all lead to almost the whole country receiving strong winds throughout the year.

In a windy climate like New Zealand’s, homes have to be equipped to not only withstand the heavy gusts of wind but also make the most of the light breezes. While you might want your doors shut tight on a cold windy night, you might like a cool breeze through the house on a warm day. There is no 'one design fits all' weather solution and that’s why flexible instalments, is the answer.

Louvretec products

Available all over New Zealand, Louvretec has a wide range of products which are ideal for a windy climate. Here are some of our products that will customise your home perfectly to suit your needs.

Sunflex Glass Doors: Our Sunflex Glass Doors can be fitted in any room that opens to the outside. The sliding glass door is extremely convenient for when you need to keep out the wind but still let the light in. When you want a bit of air circulating around the house, just pull back the door and let the breeze in.
Opening roofs: Our opening roofs allow you to make the most of the sunshine; let it in when you like or keep it out if you prefer that. The adjustable opening roof is perfect for an outdoor room and very convenient to use. We fit it in for you completely and all you have to do is enjoy your new freedom. The roofs can be operated by remote or even from your smart device.
Outdoor blinds: Our outdoor blinds are just the thing you need for your patios and verandas. When the weather is not as pleasant as you would like, keep out those gusts of wind with our blinds. Easy to operate, our outdoor blinds can help you transform your open veranda into a cosy little room in minutes.
Shutters and louvres: Fitting shutters and louvres into your doors and windows give you the option of having them open, closed or somewhere in between. You can let the sun in without its harsh glare and you can let just enough breeze in to keep you cool. Our shutters and louvres can be remote or smart device-operated and come in a variety of different colours.

At Louvretec, we have all the solutions to your home improvement needs. Contact us and view our entire range of products and let us answer all your questions. We do the installations ourselves and take great care to do it well and with minimum inconvenience to you.